August 1, 2021

The 2021 Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington and July Mileage Challenge!
2021 Goals: $200,000 and 29,017 miles!

Join Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country (ASPNC), starting July 1st, 2021  for our second July Mileage Challenge, the month long kick off event, leading to our 12th Annual Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington!  

The July mileage challenge is a virtual or remote event. Join your team from wherever you may be in the world! Throughout the month of July, we challenge our athletes and mules to partake in an “any which way you can” mileage challenge to promote healthy, human-powered exercise and recreation. Ride, run, walk, paddle, or roll, just be active! Each week includes contests and giveaways to incentivize activity. Stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing our weekly challenges ahead of time.

 During the 2020 July Mileage Challenge, more than 170 participants logged more than 24,000 miles.

We are planning an in-person, traditional ascent (hike) up the Mt. Washington Auto Road for the 12th annual Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington. Additional details will be posted on our Facebook Page. Stay tuned for more announcements to come!

Save the date! August 1st, 2021, the 12th annual Sunrise Ascent will happen in some capacity!

2021 Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington

Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington is celebrating its 12th year! Beginning with just one team (Team Martin) hiking the auto road in 2009, this event now draws more than 300 participants from eight states and accounts for one-third of ASPNC’s overall budget.

Sunrise Ascent of Mt. Washington is a unique fundraising event to benefit Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country (ASPNC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life for people living with disabilities by providing opportunities for year-round sports, recreation, and wellness.

Before sunrise on Sunday, August 1st, teams will begin their arduous ascent via the Mt. Washington Auto Road, determined to reach the 6,288-foot summit of Mt. Washington. Each team includes an adaptive athlete and “mules” who help the athlete any way necessary as he or she climbs the 7.6 miles to the summit. Together, the teams must pull together and push through the grueling ascent to overcome this great challenge. In the end, the teams form a bond that is made strong by the shared experience, reinforced further by the beauty of the sunrise and the majesty of the Presidential Range.


Thank you to our sponsors!


2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Summit Sponsor                                                                                       $6,288.00

All items included in the Halfway House, Mile Marker and Mule Team sponsor categories

PLUS: Flag with logo will be included in all team photos from the summit and 
Sponsors logo displayed on ASPNC truck for the months of June, July and August

PLUS:  Title sponsor of event “ _______ Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington”

Halfway House Sponsor                                                                         $3,144.00

All items included in the Mile Marker and Mule Team sponsor categories

Sponsors banner prominently displayed on day of event
Inclusion of sponsor’s printed promotional piece with event day instructions
Sponsor banner displayed on support vehicle – Day of Event
Admission for 2 vehicles up the Auto Road – Day of Event
Four event cotton t-shirts & special thank you of sponsor at event wrap-up

Mile Marker Sponsor                                                                              $1,500.00

All items included in the Mule Team sponsor category

Announcement of sponsorship via ASPNC Facebook page, pre-event and post- event press releases
Sponsorship acknowledged at one of the auto road mile markers – Day of Event
Admission for 1 vehicle up the Auto Road – Day of Event

Mule Team Sponsor                                                                                    $1,000.00

Sponsor logo on print promotional items (when received by June 10th)
Sponsor logo on mule team t-shirts

Toll House Sponsor                                                                                     $500.00

1 event cotton t-shirt and Special thank you and acknowledgement at event wrap-up
Inclusion of sponsor logo in fundraising packet sent to all participants