Team Jacques


JACQUES VILLENEUVE is an adventurous 13 year old boy who has been described as an embassador since his preschool days. Not only is he an advocate for himself, but he also enjoys meeting people and helping them connect with others as well as with community resources around New Hampshire. A bright, nature-loving child, born with physical and intellectual differences into an outdoor adventure family, Jacques has enjoyed adaptive and therapeutic activities and programs since the age of two. He was the 2018 recipient of Cynthia's Challenge (at King Pine) which raised funds for a van with a lift and space to store his big tricycle, kayak, stroller, wheelchair, and adaptive snow sled for ice fishing and easy winter hikes (it's like a dog sled that the driver can also ski behind and steer down sloping trails). He loves to join adaptive programs for hiking, skiing, biking, horseback riding, paddling, swimming, gardening, surfing, and whatever else is available. Jacques has big plans for his future, including starting and running businesses and organizations, and having his own family some day. He is excited for his first Sunrise Ascent up Mount Washington with people he's gathered for his team and is looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing old friends like fellow athlete Chester whom he first met in preschool. When Jacques was asked who he would like to invite to be on his team he named every teenager and adult he knows who likes to hike. 

Let's go, Team Jacques!