Sunrise Ascent:

•     What is the plan for the 2022 Sunrise Ascent?
The Sunrise Ascent will take place in person on July 31, 2022. In addition, we will also run a July Mileage Challenge due to the success and popularity last year. Use the July Mileage Challenge to gear up for the Sunrise Ascent! Adaptive athletes and teammates will participate in remote activities during the entire month of July. Adaptive Athletes and teammates will log their miles and time doing any activity to contribute to their team totals.

•     What do you expect the Sunrise Ascent to look like this year?
In the past, teams have left the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road as early as 2:30AM. All teams must complete their ascent by 10:00AM. ASPNC will post more details and information as it becomes available. Roadrunners will be necessary this year to bring any teams hiking up the auto road down. Camping will be available at the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road the night of Saturday, July 30th. Please note, quiet hours will begin at 8PM!

•   What does the event schedule look like on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31?
Stay tuned! We will release an in depth schedule closer to the date!

•   When will I get my SAMW T Shirt?
Everyone who registers by July 1st has the option to receive a SAMW moisture wicking T Shirt! These shirts will be available for pick up at the Sunrise Ascent on July 31st.

•   We hike up the road, but how do we get down?
To get adaptive athletes and their crew down the Mt. Washington Auto Road, we utilize what we call "Road Runners", volunteers who drive their cars up after sunrise to help shuttle everyone down. We ask that each team help recruit road runners! No one is allowed to walk down the Mt. Washington Auto Road. If you plan to hike down Mt. Washington using one of the trails, you must notify ASPNC ahead of time or let the volunteer coordinating the downhill shuttles!

•   I want to volunteer, but I don't want to hike. What are my options?
We have lots of opportunity to volunteer! We need volunteers to help with set up, registration, support along the Auto Road, Road Runners, base camp support and clean up! Please reach out to MiKayla@adaptivesportspartners.org about volunteering.

July Mileage Challenge:

•     What do I need to do to participate in the July Mileage Challenge?

1. Register for the Sunrise Ascent and July Mileage Challenge


2. Get ready for our Mileage Challenge during the month of July. Download Strava in the app store. Join the ASPNC Strava Club and create your individual profile to automatically add your miles to your team total. 
• Forgot to turn Strava on before your activity? You can manually add the activity.
• Don’t use a Strava? Report your miles/ activities to ASPNC here.
• Not a computer person? Report your miles to the office at 603.832.5232.If manually tracking your efforts, please keep track of the date, activity type, total miles, and duration of each activity.

3. Set up your fundraising page! Each person will have a $100 fundraising minimum. Once registered, your fundraising page link will be emailed to you separately along with some more details.

4. Participate in remote activity during the month of July!  Throughout the month of July, we challenge our teams made up of athletes and their teammates to partake in this mileage challenge to promote healthy, human-powered exercise and recreation. We realize abilities can vary, so please participate in ways you are able and feel most comfortable. Ride, run, walk, crank, or push! Be active!
• If you need help finding a way to get active and participate, reach out to ASPNC and we’ll help you find a way!
• Record or log an activity during any week to be eligible for weekly contests--or log miles every week to enter all of them! Contests will change weekly!  

5. Share your experiences! This will really help us! Take photos, videos, and post them to social media. Make sure to tag ASPNC! 
Facebook: @aspnc // Instagram: @aspnc  #aspnc  #SunriseAscent 

•    How do I track my miles? 
ASPNC is using Strava to help track the miles for our virtual event. Join the ASPNC Strava Club and create your individual profile to automatically add your miles to your team total.
      • Forgot to turn Strava on before your activity? You can manually add the  
      • Don’t use a Strava? Email Mikayla@adaptivesportspartners.org.
      • Not a computer person? Report your miles to the office at 603.832.5232.  
        Please keep track of the date of activity, activity type, miles and/or time
        length of activity. 


•    When can I start fundraising?
After you register, you’ll receive an email with your fundraising link from info@adaptivesportspartners.org. Once you've received that, you're all set to fundraise!

•    Is there a fundraising minimum?
There is a fundraising minimum of $100 per person.

•    How can I update my fundraising page?
You can update your fundraising page by going to the ASPNC Login. Once logged in, you will be taken to a page that has your name at the top. To the right, there is a drop down menu. Select Peer to Peer Fundraising. 

•   Are there fundraising incentives?
Yes! Stay tuned for more info!

•   How do I share my Journey?
Make sure to post on social media and tag us along the way! We might feature you and your adventures. You can also email photos to info@adaptivesportspartners.org
      • Facebook- @aspnc - https://www.facebook.com/aspnc/
      • Instagram- @aspnc -

       #aspnc     #SunriseAscent

•   If I have other questions, who should I reach out to?
Emailing info@adaptivesportspartners.org is the best way to reach us.