Developing sponsorshipdonation levels to consider…  

Summit Sponsor  $6,288.00 

  • All items included in the Halfway House, Mile Marker and Mule Team sponsor categories 


    • Title sponsor of event “The _______ Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington” 


  • Sponsors logo displayed on ASPNC truck for the months  of June, July and August 

 Halfway House Sponsor  $3,144.00 

  • All items included in the Mile Marker and Mule Team  sponsor categories 


    • Sponsors banner prominently displayed on day of event 


  • Inclusion of sponsor’s printed promotional piece with event day instructions 
    • Sponsor banner displayed on support vehicle –  Day of Event 


    • Admission for 2 vehicles up the Auto Road – Day of Event 


  • Four event cotton t-shirts & special thank you of sponsor at event wrap-up 

 Mile Marker Sponsor $1,257.76 

  • All items included in the Mule Team sponsor category 


    • Announcement of sponsorship via ASPNC Facebook page,  pre-event and post- event press releases 


    • Sponsorship acknowledged at one of the auto road mile markers –  Day of Event 


  • Admission for 1 vehicle up the Auto Road – Day of Event 

 Mule Team Sponsor  $628.80 

    • Sponsor logo on print promotional posters (when received by May 1) 


    • Sponsor logo on mule team t-shirts  


  • Inclusion of sponsor logo on fundraising packet 
  • 1 event cotton t-shirt and special thank you of sponsor at event wrap-up 

 Toll House Sponsor  $314.40 

    • 1 event cotton t-shirt and Special thank you and acknowledgement of sponsor at event wrap-up 


  • Inclusion of sponsor logo in fundraising package