Ascent Day Schedule

2019 Schedule

Saturday, August 3rd  
5:00PM – 8:00PM 
Those who registered to camp may arrive during these hours. You will have to check-in on arrival and only those pre-registered may camp at the Auto Road. You will be directed to parking and camping area upon arrival. Please use leave no trace principles for camping. Store any food in a sealed container in your car and be very careful to properly dispose of all trash and recycling. Thank you in advance to our campers for leaving the sites as clean or cleaner than we found them!    Click here to see a map of the new location
Sunday, August 4th 
2:00AM – 2:30AM 
Athletes & mules for Team Relay (Brenna and Erik) & Team Walking Strong (Marsha) arrive and check-in at base camp at the Auto Road. Early morning safety personnel and support crew members, you are expected at this time as well. 
Team Relay (Brenna and Erik) & Team Walking Strong (Marsha) depart along with the early safety & support crews. Early HAM Radio Communications Team will depart along with early Videographer at this time. 
3:30AM – 4:00AM 
Team Walking Strong (Jesse, LJ & Susan) arrive and check-in at base camp at the Auto Road. Cara & Martin Wallem of Team Martin and the Team Martin transfer volunteers are expected at 3:30AM. Cara & Martin Wallem will meet with their transfer team to begin Martin’s transfer and set-up for the Ascent. 
Team Walking Strong (Jesse, LJ & Susan) departs with support team. 
4:30AM – 4:45AM 
Remaining athletes and mules arrive and check-in at the check-in tent (by the inflatable start line) at the Auto Road. Everyone MUST check-in even though you have pre-registered. We need the final head count and your team may not depart until everyone is checked-in and accounted for.  This includes: 

  • Team Becca
  • Team Bex
  • Team Charlie
  • Team Chester
  • Team Jimbo
  • Team Martin
  • Team Sasha

Remaining safety personnel, the 2 Pit Stop crews, event photographers & videographer, remaining HAM Radio Comms Team, and pre-identified athlete support vehicles depart to their designated stations along the Road or at the summit. 
After all vehicles are in route to their posts, the remaining teams will be given the green light to begin their ascent. Teams may not depart until all mules have checked-in. At 5AM all remaining teams will be leaving. If you are late you will not be permitted to participate. No late arrivals are permitted to make the ascent for safety reasons. 
5:00AM – 10:00AM 
All teams will be hiking their way to the summit of Mt. Washington, enjoying the beauty of the sun rising over the Presidential Mountain Range. All teams will be at the summit by 10:00AM. ALL TEAMS must complete their ascent by 10AM, there will be no exceptions as this is when the Auto Road will open to the public. Team members must stay together while on the Road. A team may only progress at the rate of their slowest member. If you find you are unable to keep up with your team, please accept the ride offered to you in one of the support vehicles.  
Note to all teams: Please do not rush and arrive at the summit prior to 9:00AM. The summit buildings do not open until 9:00AM. You will be stuck outside in what is likely very unpleasant and potentially dangerous conditions if you arrive too early.  So, no earlier than 9:00AM and no later than 10:00AM! 
8:45AM – 9:00AM 
Roadrunners arrive and check-in with Sunrise Ascent staff in the far parking lot as you enter the auto road (GPS Pin Here).  This is a new check-in location for this year. You will be given final instructions, a placard for free entry to the Auto Road. 
9:00AM – 9:30AM 
Roadrunners, PLEASE be at the check-in parking lot by 9:15AM at the VERY latest! You will depart as a group when instructed and at that time you may leave and enjoy your trip to the summit! There is no need to rush… It is likely that you will encounter the back of the ascending athlete teams and be asked to wait, this is for everyone’s safety. PLEASE be patient and stay to the right on the road forming a single file lane of traffic. DO NOT PASS ATHLETE TEAMS. This is important as there may be a few State Park and Auto Road vehicles passing from behind and coming down the from the top. 
Pre-registered Brunch Bunch members arrive with food and prepare for the athletes and mules to arrive from the summit. If you have not pre-registered as a Brunch Bunch Volunteer, we do appreciate your offer to help the morning of… but please do not be disappointed if we do not have a job for you. Those who have pre-registered as volunteers for this role are coming and have been instructed on necessary tasks. 
9:00AM – 10:30AM 
Athlete and Mule Teams, coordinate team summit photos once you reach the summit and then immediately find the Roadrunner(s) designated to transport your team back to the base. There will be two volunteers helping coordinate you and your team loading into the roadrunner vehicles. Once loaded up, your roadrunner will take you to the bottom of the Auto Road for our grand celebratory brunch, awards, and joyful sharing of our morning’s adventure. If you would like to hike down you may do so, but not via the Road. PLEASE let event staff know your plans to hike rather than ride… it is important that we know this! We must keep a headcount to ensure no one gets left at the top unintentionally.  
11:00AM – 12:00PM 
Celebratory Brunch & Awards Ceremony held at the base of the Auto Road. Please stick around for a grand and joyful celebration of an amazing feat!! 
Head home with a big smile on your face for a much needed nap!