Frequently Asked Questions

Road Runner Questions:

  • Do I have to register to be a Road Runner?

Yes, so we know who is helping out and to keep you in the communication loop!

  • Do I pay a registration or commitment fee if I sign up as a Road Runner?

We would of course welcome your financial support in addition to your time, but this is not a requirement.

  • I want to be a Road Runner.  Do I have to pick a team?

We will gladly assign you to a team.  If you have a team you’d prefer to be a Roadrunner for, then by all means please select that team during your registration process.

  • Do I have to register online to be a Road Runner?

Yes please so we know who will be there and make sure we have enough rides down the mountain.  You can register online, at the ASPNC office, or by calling the ASPNC office at 603-823-5232

  • I’m willing to be a Road Runner, and drive to the summit of Mt. Washington and take others down the mountain, but I don’t have a vehicle that can do that.  Do you need drivers to drive other people’s vehicles?

Yes, most likely. Please contact the office so that we can get you on this waitlist!

Trail Angel Questions:

  • I’d like to be an Angel for the 2018 Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington fundraiser.  Do I have to register?

Yes, so we know who is helping out & to keep you in the communication loop!

  • I’d like to be an Angel.  Do I need to create an online fundraising page?

By creating your own online fundraising page you will have an easy way to solicit donations and to track who has given.  We will create one for you that you can choose to modify if you wish.

  • I’m willing to help whichever team needs an Angel.  Will you assign me to a team?

Sure, just ask us!

  • My spouse and I would like to be Angels.  Do we need to register separately?

​This is not necessary.  If you have trouble with the registration please call the office, 603-823-5232, and we can help you.