Team Walking Strong

Meet Team Walking Strong

Marsha Gray

After shoulder and back injuries and two total knew replacements, Marsha set a goal to do the Sunrise Ascent as part of my recovery process. Marsha has done the Sunrise Ascent twice and couldn't do it last year because of injuries.  Marsha is working hard at recovering and looking forward to doing it again this year.

Marie Hennessy

Just like so many other children who grew up in New England many summers with families were spent either at area beaches or in New Hampshire enjoying swimming and boating on a lake or climbing mountains. My first memory of mountain climbing was when I was 11 years old and was excited to join my siblings, father and uncle for a hike.  What was unique for me was that I, unlike my brother and sisters was guided up the mountain by my dad telling me where the next rock was and describing the terane as we hiked up the mountain. What a wonderful day that was and such a special memory.

It is one of the many reasons why I am looking forward to yet another exciting adventure to participate with my guide dog by my side in this year’s ASPNC’s Sunrise Ascent as a member of Team Walking Strong.

My love of the outdoors and the many opportunities I have had hiking being guided by friends from ASPNC, planning and enjoying hikes with New England Regional Ski For Light or hiking in Ireland with a friend from ASPNC as a visually impaired woman is why I have chosen to be a part of yet another experience I will never forget and hope through my efforts increase public awareness that despite never having any sight that nothing is going to stop me from persuing my goals I set out to accomplish.

So join with me by supporting myself, my team and ASPNC so that all children and adults  no matter what their challenges might be can follow their future dreams.

As I think about climbing up the Mt Washington Road my theme song resonates in my mind which is Climb Every Mountain as it describes me and so many other persons with disabilities so accurately.

Thank you to all my family, friends and all of the many other people who have been a part of my life who have helped me to be the person I have become by always encouraging and supporting me to do the activities and many other things I have been able to accomplish.

Jesse Walker

Outdoor active many years by participating as a nordic skier, snowshoe, trail runner, and single scull rower.  Hiking has been a focus for 30 or 50 years.  Working time was spent teaching and as neuro rehabilitation trainer.