Team SooSoo

Meet Team SooSoo

My life has always been about children.  I am a former camper, camp counselor and Montessori teacher.  I am “Ant SooSoo” to 9 amazing nieces and nephews. I have always loved a variety of sports including swimming, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, snowshoeing, and x-country and downhill skiing.

I was diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) in 2013 after experiencing gradual muscle weakness since 2004.  IBM is a rare, progressive, degenerative, muscle wasting disease with no cure.

Skiing was my first adaptive sport experience two years ago.  Since then I have gone kayaking, bowling, hiking and soaring!! 

I am participating in the Sunrise Ascent again (this time all the way up Mt Washington!) as I think an organization that provides an opportunity for disabled people to participate more fully in life is priceless. ASPNC is totally worthy of supporting as it gives such a sense of freedom, joy and pure fun to those of us lucky enough to participate in their activities.  It has changed my life!