Team Vince

Meet Team Vince

Vince is an affable, determined and fearless 18-year-old sophomore Engineering Student at Merrimack College North Andover, MA.  He has been skiing at New England Disabled Sports at Loon Mountain, NH for eight years.  A kind and energetic teenager with an infectious smile and positive attitude, once he sets his mind to something he doesn't give up.  Born with spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy, (CP), Vince has defied the odds and shattered all expectations.  With an initial diagnosis of limited to no mobility, Vince has dedicated himself to a wide variety of physical, occupational and recreational therapies including, swimming, horseback riding, bike riding and therapeutic massage.
Not allowing CP to be a barrier, Vince perseveres as Dean's List and Honors student at Merrimack, He is also an active member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Merrimack, a former Team Impact member of the Endicott College Football Team and most importantly, an avid skier.  While his spastic muscle tone and misfiring signals from his brain severely impact his balance, fine and gross motor skills and speech articulations, he has found his joy, his confidence and his passion in skiing.  You can find him every winter weekend at Loon, taking lessons, working on his form, challenging himself on new trails and breaking through boundaries.  This year, after just five years of skiing, Vince again competed at the U.S.  Paralympic Alpine Skiing National Championships at Loon Mountain.