Team Relay

Meet Team Relay

Brenna Bean

My name is Brenna and this will be my second Sunrise Ascent. Last year, I was invited last minute to join my friend Erik in his attempt to complete the climb as a relay. We made it above the trees... but not quite to the top. I aim for better results this year! I'm an avid athlete and fun-lover. I whole-heartedly enjoy pushing myself to accomplish exhilarating physical tasks -- especially ones that seem daunting and difficult, and especially ones that revolve around MOUNTAINS. Outdoor adventure is in my blood, and I can't wait to push above the trees again and take in the mountain's beauty. I am constantly trying to new things and enjoying different programs that will add a fun twist to my recreational "resume" 🙂 Overall, I have found purpose in life while helping others to recognize their true and limitless potential to live fulfilling and successful lives, despite disability and challenges. By participating in different feats myself, I can be an example to other who may not even realize that it's possible.

Josh Conti

I am a 22 year old paraplegic with a love for adventure, the outdoors and ASPNC. I am participating in this year's ascent to help support an awesome program that has had a tremendous impact on my life since I first discovered ASPNC a little over a year ago. I am also participating to experience Mt Washington as I have never been there before, as well as to motivate myself to get in better shape and challenge myself.

Matt Delillo

The group at ASPNC is amazing. They took so much time and effort teaching me to monoski that I want to help raise money and keep the program going so folks like myself can continue to enrich their quality of life through the engagement in sports and recreational activities. Love what you guys do. Big shout out to Sandy, Thomas, and the entire ASPNC crew. You guys are amazing!

Erik Kondo

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