Team Lindsey



Meet Team Lindsey

Hi there! I'm Lindsey.  When I was just a baby, I had a drowning accident and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Since then with the help of physical therapy, I've gotten much stronger.  Even though I'm in a wheelchair and not everyone understands me when I talk, I haven't let that stop me from living a full, healthy life and loving each day. I really enjoy being outside in my motorized wheelchair and especially activities like skiing, cycling, kayaking and swimming.  I also like to make sculptures out of tape and cardboard; ask me about them!  You can always find me putting smiles on everyone's faces with my sense of humor and fixing things with my older brothers.  Limited mobility can definitely be a challenge sometimes, but finding a new way to get around can be fun. I can't wait to scale Mount Washington at the Sunrise Ascent with my team!

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