Team Jimbo



In memory of Jimbo who passed away
January 23, 2020

Meet Jimbo

I retired from the USMC as a Captain in 1971. While serving in Vietnam I was exposed to agent orange. In 1982 while climbing a 100 foot crane at the shipyard I thought I was having indigestion from a doughnut . . . Nope it was the first of many heart attacks. Since then I have had 2 open heart surgeries and multiple cardiac stents. My heart now only works on 1 vessel. I have also had to have the major artery in my abdomen and legs bypassed and have limited mobility. Why am I climbing Mount Washington??? I was given 6-months to 1 year to live on 3/12/18 and I told my daughter if I surpassed my expiration date I would do the ascent. Here we are past my expiration date and getting ready to climb 6,288 feet.

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