Team Chester


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Meet Team Chester

Hi!  I’m Chester. I love adventures!  The upcoming hike up to Mount Washington’s 6,288 foot summit for ASPNC continues to be my most ambitious annual adventure.   I would like to invite you to support my team with a donation, but first let me tell you a little about myself. I am a sports and outdoors enthusiast who loves to try new things.   I enjoy snow skiing, waterskiing, racing in my wheelchair, cookouts, and camping.   One of my favorite activities is participating in the Special Olympics. I am a Country Music fan, and I like to go to concerts.   I met Charlie Daniels once, and he gave me an autographed fiddle.   I also like to go to NASCAR races.   I really like Kyle Busch!  My favorite things to eat are pizza and Chinese food; I don’t suppose they will have those at the top of the mountain. Participation in adaptive sports gives me a feeling of freedom.   It gives me the opportunity to do things I really enjoy.   Through adaptive sports, I participate rather than spectate.   When I take part in a new sport, it makes me feel excited, just like new adventures. I am 33 years old and I live at home with my mom, my step-dad and my sister, Karli. I have an amazing family and awesome friends.   My parents think that adaptive sports are key to my happiness, and I think they are right.   It’s great when my family and friends watch me enjoy sports, when I smile, they smile.   I guess that just says it all! I am participating in this fundraiser so that ASPNC can continue to bring sports and recreational activities to people like me who need their assistance and access to special equipment.   Please support my team.   We really need your help.

Chester Eastwood