Mules Wanted for the 10th Annual Anthem Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington

Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country Invites Volunteers to Join Milestone Sunrise Ascent

Planning is underway for the 10th Annual Anthem Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington to be held August 4, 2019 at the Mt. Washington Auto Road and ASPNC is seeking various types of volunteers.  This unique and inspiring event, sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire, raises funds to support Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country (ASPNC) and its mission to provide year-round opportunities for sports, recreation, and wellness for people with disabilities. Before sunrise, adaptive athletes begin their ascent of the 7.6-mile Mt. Washington Auto Road with the goal of reaching the summit of Mt. Washington. Each athlete is supported by a team of “mules” who push, pull, and encourage the athlete to the summit. The physical challenge, coupled with the natural beauty of the sun rising over the Presidential Mountain range, creates an exciting and memorable experience for all involved. This year, 15 athletes have accepted the challenge and ASPNC is seeking volunteers to join in this inspirational journey.  There is a role in this event for people of all ability levels.

You can get involved in the Sunrise Ascent and support a great cause in the following ways:

  • Register as a Mule. Mules hike alongside an adaptive athlete, helping as needed to reach the summit.  The goal is to have 20-25 mules per team. Mules must attend one training hike and are asked to raise $355 towards their team goal of $6,288, which is equal to the height of Mt. Washington.  The registration fee for a mule is $62.88. Registration is open until June 17, 2019.
  • Register as a Trail Angel. Trail Angels are volunteers who are unable to make the climb or attend the event. Their role is to assist a specific team with meeting and exceeding their fundraising goal of $6,288. There is a special award for the top fundraising team, so Trail Angels can be a huge help and our athletes love the extra support! Registration is open until June 17, 2019.
  • Register as a Roadrunner. Roadrunners drive their empty cars up the Auto Road to transport teams back down to the Bottom Side Brunch Celebration following the ascent. After a grueling climb, the teams appreciate their Roadrunners greatly! Registration for Roadrunners opens July 1st..
  • Register as a Brunch Volunteer. Bottom Side Brunch volunteers provide support by donating goods for the celebratory brunch after the climb. 
  • Sponsor or Donate to a Team. You can donate to individual teams to help meet their fundraising goal by visiting Businesses and individuals are also invited to take advantage of several sponsorship opportunities for this milestone year. Sponsorship information is available on our website, or you can call our office at 603-823-5232 to learn more.

The Anthem Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington seeks to raise more than $62,880 to provide year-round sports, recreation, and wellness programs for people of all ages and abilities. Through ASPNC’s mission fulfillment, thousands of participants have been encouraged to maximize their abilities and experience the benefits of physical activity, skill development, and being part of an inclusive community of caring individuals. For additional information, visit

The 2019 Sunrise Ascent of Mount Washington Mule Registration is Live

We’re excited to announce the 9th annual Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington!  Register to join us  as a Mule or Trail Angel on Sunday, August 4th for this inspirational adaptive team journey.  

The goal for this event is to raise over $62,880, to help fund the operating budget of ASPNC. Through our mission fulfillment, hundreds of athletes have been encouraged to maximize their abilities. Your contribution will help enrich the lives of people of all abilities.

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